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Non-Smoking Policy

Non-Smoking Policy

Non-Smoking Policy

Mera Mare Pattaya is a smoke-free hotel. Guests can enjoy a smoke-free environment in all the guest rooms, restaurants, and public areas. All staff members have been trained to respond to potential violations of the policy. Please note that all our guest rooms are non-smoking and there will be a room recovery fee for guests who do not comply, in order to recover the cost of restoring guest rooms back to a smoke-free condition.

Although smoking is not permitted within hotel buildings, guests who smoke are permitted to do so outdoors only at designated areas.


Following the decriminalization of cannabis by the Thai government on 9 June 2022, Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has designated marijuana and hemp as controlled plants, legalizing cannabis with the aim of promoting it for medical and health purposes, and limiting its possession and use to people aged 20 years and above.

It is important to note that smoking of cannabis in public is forbidden. The penalty for this is a potential three-month jail sentence and 25,000 Baht fine imposed by the Thai government. The new cannabis policies permit production and consumption solely for medical or health-related reasons; not for recreational purposes.

As such, smoking of cannabis is not permitted at Mera Mare Pattaya.

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